Where to buy

TUGP is available in kindle and paperback format through Amazon at the moment. It will soon be available in pdf format as well for your convenience.

PDF format

Pdf is one of the most popular formats on the internet. You only need a pdf reader to be able to open it. Acrobat pdf reader is the most common software used for this. If you do not have it you can download the free version from acrobat website at:


You are also allowed to print the pdf for 1 time only for your own use. You will find all permits inside the pdf file. Buy now for $2.99 by pressing here.

Note: Once you press Buy button here you will be transferred to paypal safe website, where you can pay by paypal account or credit/debit card.



If you do not want to print the pdf yourself you can directly buy the paperback version of TUGP from Amazon for $6.99 (or possible get a better Amazon price) by pressing here


Now kindle is so popular that you can read from any portable device you might have! Amazon Kindle, iPad, Android devices, everyone can have TUGP in their portable device at all times! You can buy now for $2.99 (plus VAT if applicable) by pressing here