The Ultimate Greek Phrasebook has helped hundreds of people up to now. I have received many emails with their stories on how this little book helped them, and below i quote a small sample for you:

Ellen Green, Reader

“I just wanted to tell you that your book was indeed very helpful for us during our staying in Greece, and it actually saved us from some pretty embarrassing situations! Allow me not to get into further details!! Thank you and keep up the good work :)”

Peter Thomson, Reader – Journalist

“The simplicity of this system is stunning. Thank you for this excellent work.”

Matthew Brown, Editor

“Excellent and tailored work, congratulations.”

Emma Parker, Proof Reader

“This is really good work, carefully done, and the result is exquisite.”

Nikki Koch, Reader

“I go for vacation in Greece for many years and have read one similar book in the past. After reading your book though, my Greek friends were astonished with my excellent Greek accent and enhanced vocabulary of mine! That’s very good work. thank you”

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