The Ultimate Greek Phrasebook

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  • The only one on the market also containing information on gestures and how the locals perceive them.
  • It will teach you how to speak Greek using a new innovative phonetics system
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Travelling to Greece and want to avoid awkward situations? Don’t forget your Ultimate Greek Phrasebook!


Really, don’t! You think I’m joking? Read on and you will understand why learning to speak Greek using the Ultimate Greek Phrasebook is essential before visiting Greece. In order to help you understand, let me explain why I wrote this book. During my summer vacation in various parts of Greece, I have encountered so many foreign tourists from all over the world, who were trying to communicate with the locals for various reasons, like trying to order in a restaurant, negotiating a room price, asking for information or directions and much more. 9 out of 10 encountered serious problems in doing so. The sad truth is that most Greeks do not speak sufficiently well or do not speak English at all. Ages of 45 and above usually do not speak English. This is very important since most businessmen owning rooms, restaurants, mini markets etc that you will encounter during your staying in Greece are of this age. Many younger people might speak English at a basic level, but again, as I said, it’s not enough for a tourist to communicate in full.



I cannot forget one time in Crete, where an English man with his family sat in a restaurant table near mine, and was trying to order. The waiter spoke basic English but of course it was not sufficient and the menu did not have English translation! The customer wanted to ask if they have a specific food (I cannot recall which). Both of them got frustrated, so much that I thought they were going to fight. It was so hilarious to be able to understand what each of them was saying, since I understand both Greek and English in a proficient level, but again it was sad to see this action in front of you. Of course I politely intervened immediately, and act as a translator, settling the whole thing.

The second experience I would like to share with you, took place in Athens. An American family wanted to buy 5 bread rolls that were being sold in the street. So the father asked for 5 bread rolls by showing the seller his five fingers towards him. The father though did not know that this is a traditional insult gesture in Greece called “moutza”. What he needed to do, since the seller did not understand a word in English, was to show his five-fingers by showing the back of his palm to the seller. The seller was insulted so much, that his face turned red with anger (was able to hold off though since locals always try to be polite with tourists), until me and a friend of mine who saw the whole thing, explained him that an American cannot possibly know that this is insulting, and he did not do in purpose. Then we explained to the American family the meaning of this gesture and they were of course astonished and felt very awkward, saying sorry to the seller who understood that they did not intent to. The most impressive thing about this though, was that this tourist had provided for it and he had bought a Greek Phrasebook from a big company I don’t want to mention. Well, believe me this “overadvertized” Phrasebook had no translation of the numbers in Greek, and of course no info on gestures since TUGP (The Ultimate Greek Phrasebook) is the only Greek Phrasebook in the market that has info on gestures and how the locals perceive them. So the man had no choice but trying to purchase with gestures, something that did not turned out well for him, and could avoid if he had TUGP.

Another, more serious incident I will never forget, took place in a small village in the island of Rhodes. A young boy had a seizure from over drinking   in the middle of an alley. His girlfriend was seeking for help and came to the main road which had some small shops and a tavern, screaming “Help, call an ambulance”. The locals, friendly as always, tried to calm her down but no one seem to understand what she was saying when she started explaining the situation. Fortunately, me and my wife were there, and called the ambulance. As I have learned the boy was ok the next day.



You might say “ok, none of this will happen to me or to my family”. Well let me tell you that: None of the above people believe that also. I bet they would pay not only $2.99, but 29.99 or even $299.99 in order to have TUGP at the moments that I described. Why leave in chance for so petty amount, for something that will in any case offer you valuable knowledge!

What I am trying to show you here is that there is a big chance that you will need to communicate in Greek in various situations. Ok, the family in the tavern might just order the first thing in the menu, but what about the young boy? If we weren’t there, there would be a big hazard for his life. Why leave that to chance when you can have TUGP with you in electronic or print format. Why leave the chance of you or your son being in danger for just $2.99. Why come in a most awkward situation like the American family. And if you think it differently for the family in the restaurant as well, why pay a meal that you will not enjoy for lets say $100, when you can pay the same or less for a meal that you will enjoy much more, if you have the TUGP with you in order to help you order in the restaurant. TUGP can even spare you money! Did you know tipping is not compulsory in Greece? You can tip as much as you want or nothing at all, so anyone who asks you money for tipping is doing so based on your ignorance and is trying to cheat you. If one had TUGP would have known, amongst much more vital info included in the book, that tipping in Greece is not compulsory and would spare money that he would not like to give. And all that for only $2.99. You paid much more for tickets, hotel, shopping, guides etc, and you don’t think its worth to pay a minor amount for your safety or well-being? For valuable knowledge that will make your holidays much more pleasant? Its only $2.99, and you are still thinking of it? Invest in your safety NOW by pressing here



If I was a tour operator, I would give this book for free to all of my customers. It should be included in the “must have with me” before going to Greece. Why? Take a look on what it has to offer to you and you will understand why.

TUGP will help you:

  • learn important things everyone should know during ones stay in Greece
  • be prepared for an emergency in a foreign country
  • be prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones, or to be able to offer valuable help to someone else
  • understand how locals perceive various gestures
  • speak Greek with a local Greek accent!
  • negotiate a hotel/room price
  • introduce yourself and do basic conversation in Greek
  • introduce others (your husband/wife children etc)
  • compliment someone or understand a compliment by someone
  • learn the numbers in Greek
  • in your everyday communication with the hotel/room owner
  • communicate in gas stations
  • ask for directions or important landmarks like metro station, bus stop etc
  • understand directions given to you in Greek
  • ask for or tell the time to someone in Greek
  • order in a restaurant/coffee shop/ tavern etc
  • understand what is accustomed in restaurants and other food stores
  • flirt in Greek, or react to flirting made towards you!
  • go for shopping and effectively communicate with the local store owners or employees
  • understand what is accustomed in Greek shopping market
  • do business in Greece, it even includes specialized words or phrases like “Ad valorem”, “bill of landing” and much more
  • communicate quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation
  • describe color, feelings and many others
  • and much more, potentials are unlimited…


Do you want to learn flawless Greek syntax, or basic practical everyday words and expressions that you will use everyday during your staying in Greece?

Do you want to be able to tell the Greek alphabet to the hotel owner, or to be able to introduce yourself or negotiate with flawless Greek accent?

If you chose the first option of each of the above two sentences, TUGP is not for you. TUGP is the ultimate practical phrasebook on the market today. If you had experience with big company’s phrasebooks, you will know that they focus on theoretical things, not practical. “Polar bears live in the north pole” is not actually a phrase that you will need during your vacation in Greece, isn’t it!! Believe me some Greek phrasebooks have included similar expressions! Not TUGP.

TUGP’s aim is to teach you practical everyday words and phrases that you will actually use during your staying in Greece. Hours after hours of brainstorming, and my team and I have written the most practical, the most complete as far as quality is concerned phrasebook in the market today.

Except from that, TUGP is THE ONLY Greek phrasebook , which has a chapter for gestures and how the locals perceive them. If you read my experiences in the “REAL INCIDENTS – WHY WE HAVE CREATED THIS BOOK” you will know how vital this is for someone. Not to mention that the “Important things to know” chapter of the book, completely covers the absolutely important knowledge anyone must have before travelling to Greece. Me and my team decided to offer this knowledge treasure at the lowest possible price of $2.99. Don’t wait any longer; go for the most practical Greek phrasebook in the market by pressing here



I have already explained you how I got the idea for writing this book. Now allow me to introduce myself and my writing team. I am Alexander Rondos, philologist and tourism manager. I have helped numerous people with problems they encountered during their staying in Greece, and teach basic Greek to a lot more. My goal is to make everyone’s holiday to Greece much more pleasant, since everyone must own 1 TUGP.

In my team for writing this book though, I have also included one linguistics professor, one veteran tour operator and one non-verbal communication specialist. In our long experience, we have gathered all important elements, studied which words, phrases, gestures and important things to know are the most important ones for the average traveler to Greece, and wrote this book with extra care and provision. A reader of it said that this is the ”bible” of Phrasebooks! Allow me to agree with him.



TUGP is the most practical guide on the market today and the emails I receive everyday are touching. I am very proud that I am able to help so many people live their dream holiday in Greece.

Our book is very recent, only published in July 2014, but seems to have been embraced by the Greekers as I use to call tourists visiting Greece! Because if you indeed visit Greece, mark my word you will become a Greeker because Greece and its people will embrace you!

In any case we had not even one disappointed customer up to now. We only had some very constructive propositions for the next edition of our book. But if for any reason at all you do want to return our book, you are free to do so using our silver guarantee which allows you to request a full refund in 7 days, and you can even prologue this to 20 days by buying our golden guarantee for an extra $1. So with the normal book price $2.99 you will have 7 days of “no question asked” refund minus 10% non refundable handling fee, which you can expand to 20 days by buying the $3.99 book version. Attention, the book is exactly the same; the extra $1 is for the gold guaranty of 20 days of “no question asked” refund. This is only applicable to the pdf version of the book. The kindle and paperback versions are applicable to amazon return policy.

So, you have been offered the best and most practical phrasebook in the market with features you will not find in similar products, in the best price in the market and in a risk free purchase. Do not consider any longer, go for it now by pressing here



TUGP is available in kindle and paperback format through Amazon at the moment. It will soon be available in pdf format as well.

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